Game Company Spin-Offs

It’s inevitable that people who work for a game company sometimes leave. Maybe they got laid off, maybe they left on their own. Lots of times they leave the industry for good, but just as often, it seems, they find some way to stick around and keep working at having fun. By way of example, check out Crafty Games and Hyperion Games.

Last year, AEG laid off a number of employees and cut support for its fantastic Spycraft game. One of those laid off—Patrick Kapera—gathered some of the others who had helped out on the latest edition of the game (Alex Flagg and Scott Gearin) and formed Crafty Games. They just released their first product: the PDF of the second printing of Spycraft 2.0.

I never heard that Brian Wood had left Fantasy Flight Games, but he did. Now he’s the brains behind Hyperion, which just released its first board game: Vapor’s Gambit. Hyperion also just announced its first big license, for the Dilbert board game.

Good luck, guys! I can’t wait to see how well you do.