Palliate Palladium’s Woes

As reports, Palladium Books (publisher of the Rifts roleplaying game, among others) is on the ropes. In an open letter to the company’s fans, president Kevin Siembieda announces that the company fell victim to treachery from within to the tune of $850,000 to $1,300,000.

I don’t know if it’s that Kevin can’t or won’t pin down an exact number. Either way, that’s a crippling blow to any small publisher, even one with such a long and illustrious history as Palladium’s. Many RPG companies don’t gross that much in sales in a year.

To help keep Palladium going, Kevin is asking fans to purchase a special, limited-run print entitled “A Megaverse United.” In addition to that, he’s had a 25th anniversary open house in the works for months.

On top of that, I’d add that if you’ve ever considered buying a Palladium game, now’s the time to do it. Check with your friendly local retailer or get it directly from Palladium, but do it soon.

I’ve never worked with Kevin or for Palladium, but I have tremendous respect for what he’s built there over the past 25 years. Help make Palladium’s open house a celebration instead of a wake.