Loaded Battle Dice

On Marvel Heroes Battle Dice, Squashua asks:

Hey Matt; I’ve seen these things on the shelves at Wal-Mart. If you stuff a figure into a die, doesn’t that unbalance (load) it?

Good question, and it’s one I gave a lot of thought to while designing the game. Because of that, the rules are such that it doesn’t benefit you much to roll one particular number, or low or high. High numbers are good because you get to add them to your stats, but the low numbers allow you to choose which stat to battle over. All numbers have their benefits. This makes it harder to justify loading a die.

The figures are light enough that I don’t think they’d put the dice too far off true, no matter how you loaded them. I set the rules this way they are to help allay any concerns about cheating. After all, it would be easy to glue a coin to the bottom of the inside of a pop-die—even if that would clearly be wrong—and that would load the die far more than any figure.