Concinnity Indeed

I had a great time at Concinnity this weekend. My hosts treated me like royalty, and the attendees who showed up to my panels were clever and interesting and asked good questions. On Saturday, I sat on a panel with James Lowder and E.E. Knight. Jim and Eric made everything easy and pleasant, and afterward I grabbed dinner with Jim at the Water Street Brewery, an old favorite for us both.

I came back and played in a demo of Obsidian, a dark future roleplaying game published by the Apophis Consortium. Matt M. McElroy (of Flames Rising and Twilight Games) ran it, and we all had a fine time. I also hung out with Monica Valentinelli (freelancer for Flames Rising, Eden Studios, and others), Mike Holmes (of Universalis fame, I believe), Travis Legge (of Aegis Studios and the Contagion roleplaying game), Matt Wilson (of Primetime Adventures) and his wife Meredith, Derek Stoelting (of Eden Studios and Flames Rising), Travis Marg (the gracious and helpful convention chair), Sara (of Flames Rising), and many others.

“Concinnity,” by the way, is a perfect word for what game designers should always strive: “Harmony in the arrangement or interarrangement of parts with respect to a whole.”

P.S. Here’s a shot of me and Mr. McElroy that Monica took back at Gen Con 2004.