Titan Games Needs Help

Marcus King of Titan Games in Battle Creek, Michigan, reports that thieves broke into his store last night and stole the entire selection of video games and about two-fifths of the DVDs. This puts the store in a tight space for cash. To make some money fast, Marcus is trying to sell off older RPG books at two dimes on the dollar. Here’s the deal:

$1,000.00 MSRP mix of RPG books, no duplicates—no more than one of any title, for the largest selection possible—all for just $239.99 including S&H in the USA.

Anyone wanting to purchase this, we would prefer PAYPAL payment, or would take a credit card over the phone, or even a money order or check (though we would prefer paypal!)/

In interested in that, or if you have other ideas on a purchase, we are desperately in need of money at the moment, so gimme a call: 877-542-6377 or 269-963-3773 or email me at [email protected]

Note: We also have some other deals available, call for information.

This might be a bit much for most folks, but if you have a games club you’re looking to outfit or if you want to stock up on gifts for friends for the next year, it’s a great bargain. If you’re a retailer yourself, this might be a great chance to fill in some backstock for your own store too.

Either way, best of luck to Marcus and the rest of his crew in sorting all of this out!

[Edit: Corrected the price.]