CyberCon and Other Appearances

This Saturday, I’m taking part in an online chat at CyberCon from 2–4 PM Central Time (GMT –6). If you can make it, stop on by and say hi! It costs a few bucks ($6.95, I think) to register, but you get a pass to the online con for the whole weekend for that price.

I also just agreed to attend Concinnity 2006. (The con doesn’t have a website yet, but there is an official forum.) This convention is held on the campus of MSOE in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 1 and 2. [Edit: The website is up.]

Plus, the fine folks at Barnes & Noble in Rockford, Illinois, asked me to come down and sign books at their store on April 28, 2006. More details on that as the date gets closer.