AAGAD Needs a Secretary for the Origins Awards

Pete Panzeri, the chairman of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design, is looking for an administrative secretary to help with the daily tasks of the Academy, the organization that handle the Origins Awards for GAMA. He’d prefer to have an Academy member fill the position, but if you work in the adventure gaming industry or have even a small number of published credits, you qualify for free membership.

See Pete’s notice after the break.


LAST CALL for an Academy Member to step forward to fill the GAMA Volunteer Position of “Academy Secretary” (filled last year by Abby Whitford). I’ll next be asking amongst the veteran GAMA Volunteers for someone reliable and dedicated to helping


This is a compensated volunteer position (under the basic “GAMA Volunteer Policy”) and is essential to success of the ORIGINS AWARDS. It is not a “political position” (i.e. no GAMA power or role in related GAMA or Academy debates or decisions etc. Well, except maybe control of information flow, and a lot of fun networking.) Academy membership is not required, just a genuine desire to work together to ensure the success of the Origins Awards, and devotion to supporting the gaming community.

“Free Ride” at GAMA TRADE SHOW, and “Free Ride” at ORIGINS, SWAG, priority consideration for a jury position (more free games), free Academy Supporting Membership, and some Swag. (Did I mention there is swag involved?) BUT NOTE: as with all leader level volunteer work, the rewards are few, the hours are many, and it must be a labor of love to succeed.

Pre-Origins electronic secretarial tasks to HELP PEOPLE, “Answer the mail” Record the Data, “Keep the files” and “Get the word out” just as Abby did last year. Onsite at GTS and Origins: assist with press releases, and producing the Nomination and Awards Presentations. GET SMART on the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (AAGAD) polices and standards. Your attendance at GTS and Origins is required, and proximity to GAMA HQ [Columbus OH] is a big plus.

If you, or anyone you know might be interested in assisting in this way, please have them send me an e-mail citing related experience, any references [name/email] at [email protected]

Thank you,

Pete Panzeri
[email protected]