Space Hulk Recap

The illuminating John McLintock wrote a two-part article about the old Games Workshop board game Space Hulk. As I read it, the memories flooded back.

I haven’t played Space Hulk in years. I don’t even have a copy lying around any more. But I loved that game.

While at the GW Design Studio, I worked on Deathwing and Genestealer, the two supplements for the first edition of the game. These were some of my first professional credits. I found out later that Genestealer won the Origins Award for the Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy Board Game of 1990, which makes it my first major award-winner too.

John’s comments on the game are spot on. If you’re interested in one of the most elegant miniatures/board games around, check them out.

Edit: John’s up to three parts on the article now. Be sure to read them all.