My Office

Over on his blog, Lee Goldberg mentions a coffee-table book he has about writers and their workspaces: The Writer’s Desk by Jill Klementz. Lee (who’s the VP of the IAMTW) posted a shot of his desk and challenged other writers to do the same. It struck my funny bone, so here’s mine, on a fairly uncluttered day.


I try to keep things ergonomic and straightforward. This is my office, which is one room located over an insurance business near downtown Beloit. On the desk, you see my iBook, which I carry with me just about everywhere.

On the left wall, that’s my good-bye card from Games Workshop: a copy of the cover of Deathwing put on a pasteboard and signed by the whole Design Studio crew. On the right wall, that’s Patriot’s mask in the museum display box. David Ross wore that at Gen Con 1999 for the debut of my Brave New World RPG. We produced Patriot’s public execution in Pinnacle Entertainment‘s booth, and David played Patriot. I still have the manacles around here somewhere.

What you don’t see here are the filing cabinets, my couch, a few other bits of artwork (including the originals of the pictures of me as Fasthands Freddy) and the overflowing bookshelves. I have one bookshelf on which I keep one copy of everything I’ve written or designed—or much of it, at least. It’s crammed full. This year, I should probably break down and expand the collection into another of the bookshelves.