‘Tis the Season

One cool thing about working with creative people is that they often come up with the best gifts. There’s the Mage Knight Santa Claus figure, for instance. Or the Darque Beer from Acclaim Comics. This year, the fine people at Looney Labs sent me a kind holiday note that included three cards to slot into a deck of their game Fluxx. For those in the know, these are “Goal: Xmas Tree” (need “Gift” and “Tree” to win), “Keeper: Earth,” and “Goal: Peace on Earth” (need “Peace” and “Earth” to win).

Fluxx is one of my favorite games, a real game designer’s game that’s easy to teach and to play with anyone. I’ve played it with my son Marty since he was five. Looney Labs has two new editions out now too: Eco Fluxx and Family Fluxx. I found out about these through their holiday card, which shows that it’s not only a cool gift but a cunning marketing scheme.

Seriously, I often keep an extra couple copies of Fluxx around during the holidays, along with games like Once Upon a Time, for emergency gifts. They’re cool, accessible games with kid-safe themes, so they make great gifts for anyone you may have otherwise forgotten.