Writing & Reading (in Low Fashion)

I have the one of the greatest jobs around: creating games and books to entertain others. Still, it’s a job, and most of the time it’s serious work. Especially when I’m facing a hard deadline, it can seem like a gig in an office cubicle or driving pizzas somewhere would be easier, if not nearly as much fun. That’s how I felt last week while I was plowing through the first draft of Blood Bowl: Death Match.

Then I got a care package in the mail from my friends at the Black Library. It included six copies of Blood Bowl: Dead Ball and one of the limited-edition Blood Bowl t-shirts!

There’s nothing like holding a copy of a published book in your hands to make it all seem real. Until then, the book is just a collection of thoughts in my head that I’ve done by best to turn into bits and bytes on my computer by means of my well-abused keyboard. When it’s printed and bound, it’s a book—and just the thing I needed to keep me juiced up and rolling on its sequel.

The t-shirt made my day too. I wore mine on the day I wrapped up my first draft of Blood Bowl: Death Match, and I couldn’t have been happier with it. Woot!