Old Games Never Die

I just spotted the fact that you can play Fast Break for free at CCG Workshop. Well, some of you can. The software only seems to work with Windows, so Mac users (like me) are out of luck.

Fast Break is a humorous basketball CCG I designed for WildStorm Productions, published in 1996. It’s a fun game, but the orders for it were horrible. I think we sold more into Japan than the US.

We didn’t have an NBA license, which is probably the main reason the game failed. Because of that, many of the people at WildStorm ended up as players in the game. There’s a “Matt Forbeck” player card out there with my mug on it and some terribly fictional stats.

They have some other CCGs I worked on up at the site too: Dark Eden, Doomtown, Doomtrooper, Kult, Monster Rancher and WildStorms.

That’s some trip down memory lane. If you want a CCG of mine that’s still in print, try High Stakes Drifter, which WizKids just launched last month.