New (Old) Look

It seems like I’m forever tinkering with this site. It’s a perpetual work in progress. You may notice, for instance, that I added Dead Ball to the “Recent Novels” section in the sidebar. Or that I’ve altered the background color of the pages. Or that I’ve added a new header graphic.

And, yes, if the painting in the header looks familiar, it’s because it’s me. Shane Hensley, a few of the other Pinnacle guys, and I modeled for artist Lissanne Lake at one Gen Con many years back. She used the photos she took to make a few paintings for the Doomtown collectible card game published by Wizards and licensed after our Deadlands weird western roleplaying game.

Shane and I appeared as a pair of U.S. Marshals on one card, and Lissanne used my face for two cards for a rogue named Fasthands Freddy, a pirate who terrorized the Great Maze. The new header graphic uses a crop from one of those cards. The two originals hang on the wall in my office, along with the mask of Patriot (from my Brave New World roleplaying game) and a few other cool mementos from my years in the adventure gaming industry.