Old Friends Passing Through

Jim Kitchen, an old pal of mine from his days with Games Workshop US, passed through Beloit on Sunday on his way back home from a Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago. I met up with him, his lovely wife, and their son Jack for a quick lunch as a respite from crunching away at Blood Bowl: Dead Ball. Despite the fact that Jim’s been out of the adventure games industry for years, we still manage to keep in touch, although this was the first time we’d sat down across from each other in—well, I can’t recall how long.

Catching up with old friends like that is wonderful fun, even if it always seems too short. It’s like having a short sequel or even just reading the epilog to one of your favorite adventures. Fortunately Jim and family all seem healthy and happy, so this should just be the latest installment in an ongoing series of encounters. 🙂