Tom Jane is Mitch Hunter

According to, Tom (The Punisher) Jane has just been cast in the lead role (Mitch Hunter, I presume) for the upcoming Mutant Chronicles movie. The Mutant Chronicles was a roleplaying game I worked on in the early and mid ’90s for Target Games, then the largest game publisher in Sweden.

The game’s been out of print for years, but I still remember it well. The setting provided the background for the Doomtrooper CCG and the Warzone miniatures games, each designed by former roommates of mine (Bryan Winter and William King, respectively), as well as a video game or two. The film has been in development hell since before the game fell out of print, and I’ve read a couple versions of the script. I’m looking forward to seeing the latest soon, as this is all being done under the auspices of my friends at Paradox Entertainment, who also run Conan Properties.

I met Tom Jane and his wife Patricia (Medium) Arquette at the IDW party at Comic-Con International in the summer of 2004. (Perhaps not coincidentally, I ran into Fred Malmberg of Conan Properties there too.) They were chasing after their young daughter, who’s about the age of my quadruplets, and I helped them corral her for a moment. They seemed like a happy couple and great parents.

Tom will be perfect in the Mitch Hunter role. He has the looks, the athleticism, and the wry humor for the part. I can’t wait to follow along as the movie develops.