WFC Highlights

A few days after the World Fantasy Convention, now, some things still stick in my head enough for me to have to share them.

Lucien Soulban, being the great Canadian he is, brought two spirits made from maple syrup: a cream liqueur and a whisky. Both were delicious and would either make great toppings for an ice cream drink or for a wicked wake-me-up stack of pancakes. Not so coincidentally, I first met Lucien when he made me my best-ever swag offer at a game convention: a six-pack of excellent Canadian beers for a copy of my Brave New World RPG.

Rich Dansky wove an incredible tale of his days at White Wolf that covered the evolution of the Trinity RPG. It was born from the ashes of near-disaster, and although I knew good chunks of the story from before, I enjoyed hearing it from a fresh and perceptive perspective.

Mike Stackpole kindly asked me to record a few tags for his Science Fiction Podcast Network and Gaming Podcast Network. If you’re into either topic and enjoy listening to podcasts, you’ll find some true gems there. And you might even hear me putting on my best radio announcer voice to say, “You’re listening to the Gaming Podcast Network!”