Games Quarterly Magazine #7 and National Games Week

My copies of Games Quarterly Magazine #7 showed up in the mail the other day. I wrote an article about gaming-related fiction for it, which appears on p. 70. It also features articles from James Ernest, Jeff Tidball, Ken Hite, and Mike Selinker, along with interviews of Kevin Siembieda (of Palladium) and Loren Greenwood (of Wizards of the Coast) and lots of other gaming goodness.

It also focuses on National Games Week, which is coming up soon: November 20–26. If you want to order a promotional package for your NGW event, they just extended the deadline to November 13, so there’s still time if you move fast. As an NGW member, you can get solid discounts on some great games, many in bundles set up just for National Games Week. Membership is free, and it’s a solid group of people working for a good cause: to promote gaming as great entertainment. Check it out soon.