My World Fantasy Convention Schedule

The World Fantasy Convention is coming up November 3–6, the weekend after Halloween. I’ll be there, along with several hundred other devotees of fantastic tales. This will be my first time at this traveling convention, but since it’s in Madison, Wisconsin, this year, I couldn’t pass up the chance to check it out.

I’ll wander about the place most of the weekend. If you’ll be there, too, be sure to give me a shout. I’m only scheduled for one event there:

Saturday 9:00-10:00PM

Other Forms of Storytelling
Capitol B

These days, books are competing with a number of alternate forms of storytelling. We know about movies and graphic novels, but we rarely consider role-playing and video gaming. The most compelling of these games are popular because they provide the player with a pretty good story, in which s/he takes an active part. Our panel of experts discusses the most popular games and the way in which they offer an entirely different technique of involving the player in a story. How are they produced? What do they offer that books do not? Are there any lessons to be learned by traditional writers?

Panelists: Richard Dansky, Matt Forbeck, Lucien Soulban, Michael A. Stackpole, Walter Jon Williams

That’s a panel I’m both pleased and proud to be on. I’ve known Rich, Loosh, and Mike for years, and it’ll be a great chance to catch up with them, before the panel, during, and after. I don’t know Walter, but I’m a fan of his work, so it should be a lot of fun. Stop by if you can!