Promoting Games

Like lots of people, I think playing games is a great way to spend your free time. If you agree and you’d like to help spread that message, you have a few huge opportunities coming up in November.

On November 5, it’s Worldwide D&D Game Day. Teach people to play Dungeons & Dragons or, if you don’t know how, it’s a great time to learn.

November 20–26 is National Games Week. This covers any kind of nonelectronic game, but it mostly centers on the adventure game industry.

The same week also hosts National Games and Puzzles Week, which is now part of the Million Minute Family Challenge. It’s no coincidence that both are held over the week of Thanksgiving, the perfect time to play games with your family. There’s no better way to entertain those relatives you only see twice a year! 🙂

If you love games, November is the time to show it. And now is the time to prepare for those days. Get to it!
National Games Week