Katrina Charity PDF Ready Now


Beyond the Storm: Shadows of the Big Easy is now available as a PDF download through Lulu.com. This is the big, RPG-industry charity jam book I mentioned before. It came out fantastic and on time, both of which should amaze anyone who’s worked on a project like this. It features RPGs, RPG adventures, short stories, and essays—all with a Big Easy theme. Aaron Acevedo, Aaron Axelsen, Scott Bennie, Jason L Blair, Leanne Buckley, Heather “Squish” Cornelius, William Edmonds, Crazy Elf, Matt Forbeck, Caz Granberg, Seth Johnson, Adam Jury, Mischa Damon Krilov, Lindsay Labanca, Mur Lafferty, Jason Mical, Veronica Pare, Jeff Preston, Mikko Rautalahti, Sean Riley, S. John Ross, Janice M. Sellers, Angi Shearstone, Geoff Skellams, Adam Tinworth, Ursula Vernon, David “Doc Blue” Wendt, Stacy S. (Niedecker) Wendt, Michael Wendt, and Brook Willeford all chipped in both time and effort.

For my part, I wrote up the “Naked Room Service” tale I referred to here a few weeks back, as a tribute to one of my best times in the Crescent City. (Anyone know that name from my RPG work?) That’s a fun story for everyone, but if you’re a gamer it’s the least of a fantastic lot. The book includes a couple short but complete roleplaying games, for instance, and some damn good writing all around. For $10, how can you go wrong? The only reason not to buy it now is that you’re waiting for the $20 dead-tree version to arrive in a couple weeks. You could get both!