Comics for Katrina

Some of the greatest people in the comic book industry have gotten together to auction off some truly amazing pieces to raise money for relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina. They call their effort Inkwell Relief, and they’re auctioning off all sorts of things on eBay, with all net proceeds going to the American Red Cross. If you’ve been looking for a good way and a good excuse to give more money to this cause—and you’re a comics fan—you really can’t beat this. I’ve already put up a few bids myself, although my guess is I’ll get spanked by some fans with deeper pockets than mine.

I already donated some money directly to the Red Cross, though, with a match by the good people at I also contributed a short story to Beyond the Storm, a gaming-industry effort to raise money with a creator jam book. Unlike most of my work, this is non-fiction, a telling of the “Naked Room Service” story I mentioned a while back—which took place during a GAMA Trade Show in the Big Easy. The book should be out around October 1 in both PDF and POD (print-on-demand, dead-tree) versions. I’m going to buy it myself, and I hope you will too.