Frankenstein’s Children on My Doorstep

My author’s copies of Frankenstein’s Children arrived in today’s mail. It was the last project I worked on for Human Head Studios, which means I haven’t anything to do with it since the end of last September. Jason Blair took over on the game after I left, and he seems to have done a fine job with it. The coolest new bit (over Dracula’s Revenge, the first game in the Gothica line of horror-themed board games) is the including of a wheel inside each player’s dice screen. You turn this as you use your action points during a round, instead of using extra dice to keep track of your expenditures. It’s a sweet little touch that I’d suggested before I left, but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Anyhow, if you liked Dracula’s Revenge (or just enjoy horrific board games in general), give it a whirl. It’s full of Gothicky-good fun.