Pop-Die Video

The fine souls at GamingReport.com just posted a short video that shows just how the pop-dice in Marvel Heroes Battle Dice work. The pop-die they show in the video is one of the early prototypes, but it works just like the final ones will. You just squeeze two sides and the top (which shows the number 6) springs open.

In the game, you put your prepainted figures into your pop-dice and roll them. When it’s time for a battle die to enter battle, you open the die and take out the figure. A label on the bottom of the figure gives you the figure’s stats and tells you if any of its powers activate during this battle. It’s all smooth, easy, and cool. Each game takes about 10 to 15 minutes, so you can play best-of-three in well under an hour.

At Gen Con, we handed out a few of these pop-dice to distributors and the press (like GamingReport.com) as samples. During these talks, people just couldn’t keep their hands off the pop-dice. They’re just fun to play with all by themselves. Add in the figures and the game, and you’re really cooking.