How I Spent My Gen Con Friday

I know, the web is full of people reporting back on their experiences at Gen Con last week, and I’m going to get to that too. I’ve been up against a hard deadline since I got back, though, so most of what I posted yesterday was stuff that had been waiting in the queue. To hold you over, I point you to an article at which gives some details on the Marvel Heroes Battle Dice game I’m working on for Playmates Toys. I spend most of my Friday at the convention helping show the game to various distributors and reporters, and they all claimed to love it. (Hey, at least they’re kind to my face.) 🙂

Some have wondered if MHBD is anything like Dragon Dice, Diceland, Star Trek: Red Alert, or Chaos Progenitus or any other collectible dice game we’ve seen to date. Really, no. Those games featured dice with different symbols on their faces. The pop-dice in a Battle Dice game are hollow and pop open like a treasure chest, and you stick your figures inside them before you roll. The faces of the dice feature the numbers 1 through 6, just like normal. There’s something cool on the inside of the pop-die’s lid, though: a label that acts as an instant effect you get to use after a figure you put in the pop-die is defeated.

You really have to see one of the pop-dice to understand all this, and says they’ll post a video soon. The pop-die they have is only a prototype, but it should show you how the final design will work.