Diana Jones Award Winner Announced

As you may have already heard, Ticket to Ride won this year’s Diana Jones Award. I had a great time at the DJA party on August 17, the evening before Gen Con officially began. As one of the few known members of the DJA committee, I had the honor of presenting the award to Mark Kaufman, co-founder of Days of Wonder, the publishers of Alan Moon’s masterpiece.

Of those of us who’ve outed themselves, only Peter Adkison was at the show. As the man who owns Gen Con, he was a wee bit busy.

The DJA committee handed out the first award to Peter at a birthday party I threw for myself at Gen Con four years ago. It was my 20th Gen Con in a row (I’ve been going since I was a kid), and my 33rd birthday fell on Gen Con Saturday. I just couldn’t ignore that many great things coming together at once. I bought beer and pretzels for everyone who showed up, and we had such a great time that the DJA committee decided to make it a tradition. We’ve run it five years in a row now. Let’s hope it continues for fifty more.