High Stakes Drifter Site Live

WizKids went live with the High Stakes Drifter portion of its website during the Gen Con weekend. It doesn’t have too much up there yet, but there’s a shot of a few cards, a kicker chip, and a booster pack, along with a PDF of the first public version of the rules.

Matt Robinson, who’s in charge of development at WizKids, kindly walked me through the game while at Gen Con. It strongly resembles the game I turned over to them in all but theme*, which is flattering. It’s great when the development team comes to mostly the same conclusions about the game as you do. It’s a better game for the love they’ve shown it, but it’s still something of which I can claim a solid part.

WizKids ran demos of the game at three or four tables in their booth for the entire Gen Con weekend. The few times I poked my nose in, people seemed to be enjoying the game, which gives me good hopes for it’s success.

* When Jordan Weisman and I first started working on the game, we churned through many themes, including westerns, but we discarded them in favor of an original idea. The development team decided that westerns really are where it’s at, and (given my long history of working on western-themed games) I couldn’t be happier about it.