Enter: Sudden Death

Amazon.com has posted the details on the third book in my Blood Bowl trilogy of novels, so now I can spill some small number of beans. The title is Blood Bowl: Sudden Death, and it should hit shelves in April of 2006.

From the site:

Book 3 (of 3) in the riotous Blood Bowl series. In a fantasy kingdom where violence is a way of life, the number one sport is Blood Bowl—gridiron football where anything goes. Dirk ‘Dunk’ Hoffnung and the rest of the Bad Bay Hackers thought they’d taken everything the game of Blood Bowl could throw at them, but now they literally have to play the game of their lives to prevent the destruction of their kingdom.

One other cool Blood Bowl tidbit. At the Black Library seminar at Games Day Chicago, sales manager Vince Rospond let slip that the Black Library is considering creating Bad Bay Hackers football jerseys for sale this winter! Let’s hope that’s true. Things like that stroke my inner geek.