Great Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday morning, I drove down to Games Day Chicago. The team there, led by the Black Library‘s US sales manager Vince Rospond, treated me like gold. They’d flown in 50 copies of Blood Bowl for the show, and we sold out of them just after 1 PM, just over three hours into the show. Lots of people came by later to ask about the book but had to go away disappointed—at least until September, when the book hits stores here in the US. (Of course, if you’re in the UK, you should be able to get it now, and we Americans can also get another early shot at it at Gen Con Indy.)

I helped out with the Black Library’s seminar from 2–3 PM, telling a bit about myself and the book and taking a few questions from the kind and fun crowd. At 5 PM, I helped David, Gary, Jeff, and Vince tear down the booth, after which Vince and his crew took me out for a fine steak dinner to cap an excellent day.

On Sunday, Bill Bodden (from ACD) and John (from Dork Storm) and Judith (from Whad’ya Know?) Kovalic came down for a cookout and a Beloit Snappers baseball game. They got to hang out with the whole family for lunch. Ann did a fantastic job playing the hostess, and the kids behaved themselves and made us proud. Plus, the Snappers staved off a late rally to win the game.

The only real disappointment was that I didn’t bother to keep a copy of Blood Bowl for myself. Better to get it in the hands of readers than to hold on to it myself. After all, I’ve already read it. 🙂