Calling all GW Artists

It seems the powers that be at Games Workshop have decided to return hundreds if not thousands of pieces of original artwork back to the artists who created them. Unfortunately, they’ve lost touch with lots of these folks. If you know any of them, please pass this on to them as soon as possible. I’ve included the entire post, plus the list of names, after the break.



Are you an artist who at one time or another worked
for Games
Workshop? Might we be in possession of pieces of art
you worked on?

The Games Workshop Archive Department is currently
attempting to
contact artists who no longer work for us, but have
produced work for
us in their own right, or contributed towards
individual pieces, in
order to return their works of art.

If your name is listed below, chances are we have one
or more pieces
of your artwork that we’d like to return to you. The
amount of
material varies significantly according to artist –
from single items,
into the hundreds!

To retrieve your works of art, please respond by
email, no later than
Friday 29th July, to:

[email protected]

Sharon Cooke
Archive Manager

We are trying to contact the following:

Tony Ackland
Chris Baker
Nick Bibby
Paul Bonner
Christopher Bristow
Tim Brunt
Paul Campbell
Gary Chalk
Richard Cobbold
Nick Coleman
Mark Cordory
Mark Craven
Carl Critchlow
Simon Croslate

Tim Curry
Bill Donaghue
Wayne England
Brett Ewins
Carlos Ezquerra
Angus Fieldhouse
Jon Gletoran
Paul Green
Des Hanley
Gary Harrod
Kevin Hopgood
Tony Hough
Colin Howard
Steve Hutton

Tony Hynes
Pete Knifton
Robert Lingwood
Tony Masero
Tim Maunder
Martin McKenna
Pat Mills
R Mohr
Bob Naismith
Russ Nicolson
Kevin O’Neil
Martin Perrott
Dave Pugh
John Sibbick

Jamie Simms
Paul Smith
Duncan Storr
Phil Stouin
Steve Tappin
Bill Thornhill
Kevin Walker
Don Wazejewski
John Wigley
Nik Williams
Richard Wright

The original link:

Pass the word!!! I have contacted a couple of artists
on the list and they werent aware that G.W. was
looking for em, so I stress, if you know or have
contact with any of the above, please take your time
to let em know about this. If you have the
e-mail/website adress of any of these, please pass em
to Games workshop as described above.

Looking foward to everyone getting their art.