For Pete’s Sake

My sister Jody just dropped me a note about a good cause my fellow Wisconsinites might be interested in:

This is the website and story of Corinna’s brother, Pete. Do you all remember
Corinna, with the twins and the tatoos:) Anyway, her brother was diagnosed
2 years ago, at the age of 18, with bone cancer. The parish in Spring Green,
where Corinna and Pete grew up (with thier other 7 siblings) is creating
a fund for Pete. He had most of his leg amputated because of the bone caner
and is hoping to get an artificial one that will allow him to run and do
several other things he wouldn’t be able to do with the kind he could get
with help from insurance. The kind he’s looking to get isn’t covered at
all by insurance. So, here on the website you can check Pete out and find
out about the documentary a friend did about him that won a prize and about
how you can help if you like. Even notes of encouragment help. In August
there will be a fund raiser for him.

So, stop by and check it out. If you’re a fan of the American Players Theatre, you might notice that some of its best actors—including the all-too-talented Jim DeVita—are taking part in the fundraisers. You could too.