Join the Industry

Sometimes people ask about hiring me on full-time someplace. I’m always flattered by this and willing to talk about it. I’m picky, though, and it would take a lot for me to give up freelancing and leave my hometown behind. I have an incredible support structure here, and I couldn’t buy the kind of help I get from friends and family in the area. Still, I chat with people about these things because you never do know what might happen.

In the meantime, though, I thought I might pass some of these opportunities on to you in the hopes that you might be a better fit for the positions. I’d love it if another of my friends ended up in a powerful position in the gaming industry.

So, here are two job opportunities that crossed my virtual desk this week:

Hasbro is looking for an associate toy/game developer in their Rhode Island offices. If I was in the mood for a move, I’d consider this one myself. It sounds like a blast, and I know a couple of the people who run the departments there. This is one of the top mass-market game development groups in the world.

Closer to home (for me, anyway), Patch Products (which makes family games, foam sports balls, and puzzles) is looking to fill a few positions here in Beloit, Wisconsin. Patch is a successful, family-run company owned by the guys who printed the first ever AD&D books in their former lives. They have a great reputation here in town and an excellent benefits package, and Beloit’s cost of living rate is dirt cheap.

If you’re interested, good luck. Even if these don’t do anything for you, let me know if I’m wasting your bandwidth bothering to post such things.