Hungry Little Monsters Ready to Eat

No, this isn’t about my kids. Hungry Little Monsters is an all-star jam d20 RPG book of monsters. All profits go to, a worldwide initiative to end hunger. You can buy the book now through or for just $7, a bargain for a 63-page book that comes with separated artwork (placed in a separate file so you can print them out and show them to your players when they encounter those monsters) and tabletop counters for use in your games.

The talented and generous Sean K. Reynolds made the project happen. He rounded up dozens of contributors, including Ed Greenwood, Aaron Acevedo, Claudio Pozas, Wil Upchurch, Scott Bennie, Hal Greenberg, Alex Jurkat, Aaron Rosenberg, Robert Schwalb, Owen K. C. Stephens, Dale Donovan, Janice Sellers, JD Wiker, Jeffrey Visgaitis, Toren Atkinson, Scott Purdy, and many others, including me.

So, if you play D&D at all, run out and pick up this PDF now. It’s good stuff for a good cause.