A (Very Special) Gamer Olympics

This just in from a Gen Con press release at GamingReport.com:

Brand new this year – Gamer Olympics! Ever wonder if a person could accomplish some of the feats if a Dungeon Master lays in front of a role-playing character? Now is the chance to find out! Test strength by swinging a sword as hard and as accurately as possible at a target. Test accuracy by throwing a javelin at enemies. Test combat prowess against a warrior of Edhellen Armoury. Test dexterity when crossing the “Chasm of Doom” and running through heavily trapped “Passage of Death.” The final test will be one of grace and a keen eye: The Archery Range. Once a final score is determined, prizes will be awarded.

Ah, but here’s the best part, which isn’t listed in the release: play-by-play and color commentary by Keith Jackson (as channeled by Ken Hite) and Bob Eucker (as approximated by myself). If you’ll be in Indianapolis the weekend of August 18–21, don’t miss it.