Blood Bowl Back Cover

I just got a pack of extra covers for my upcoming Blood Bowl novel from Games Workshop yesterday. When they print a book, they print the pages and covers separately and then bind them together. In the book industry, they regularly overprint the covers so they can send them out as advance advertisements for the book.

I’ve shown you the cover before. Here’s what the back cover text has to say about the book:

Blood Bowl

He should have stuck to fighting dragons…

Welcome to a delightfully twisted fantasy world where humans, elves, goblins, and ogres work out their aggressions not on the battlefield but on the football field.

When talent scout Slick Fullbelly spots Dunk bringing down a chimera with a spear from a hundred paces, he’s sure that his search is over. Slick works for the Bad Bay Hackers, and they need a new thrower. Dunk is about to be plunged headfirst into the insane world of Blood Bowl, the fastest, meanest sport in this dark and brutal world. Dunk puts down his sword and steps off the battlefield… onto the football field.

Packed with madcap sports action, fantasy and adventure, Blood Bowl is pure gridiron carnage and insanity!