Sith’s Revenge

Ann and I took in Revenge of the Sith on Friday night. It seems like everyone’s posting their deepest thoughts about the film and what it means to them, so I’ll spare you running over such well-trodden ground as much as I can.

I liked the movie. The effects were stunning. Give me starship battles and lightsaber duels, and I’ll forgive a lot, and Sith had plenty to spare. I actually got a little dizzy during the opening sequence, as if I were riding a rollercoaster. It reminded me of the jetbike chase in Return of the Jedi, which was the first (and maybe only) time I was so immersed in a chase scene that I ducked.

Sure, there were lots of bits of the film that could have been better (some of the acting, some of the dialog, etc.), but I find that a lot of the movie stuck with me far longer than I thought it would. There were some truly memorable scenes and enough going on that, had I the time, I’m sure I’d find myself back in the theater again this week, waiting for those words to start scrolling up the screen.

That was the best scrolling start I remember since Star Wars too. It showed the pulpy spirit of science-fantasy adventure the movie tried to capture, and I don’t think it fell short.

I realized I’m going to miss having Star Wars films in development. Sure, they’re talking about two new TV shows, but it won’t be the same. This is one series that made the most of the silver screen.