Origins Awards Gamers Choice Voting Now Open

Just like the title says. Vote now, as the deadline is May 25!

The instructions are a bit obtuse, but you’re supposed to vote on your top five favorite games for 2005, no matter what category they’re in. Then rank those five from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.

I worked on one of the games on the list, The Authority Roleplaying Game. If you liked it, consider including it in your votes.

Here’s the official press release, for those who care for such details:


Cast your ballot online before Midnight EDT May 25

Columbus, OH — May 19, 2005 — Cast your vote for the Origins
Gamers’ Choice Award (OGCA). Voting opened on May 19 and continues
through midnight EDT May 25.

To vote, or for more information about the OGCA visit:

You must register on the Origins website to vote in the awards.
Registration and award voting are both free. This year’s Origins
Awards ceremony takes place on June 30, the opening day the 2005
Origins International Game Expo in Columbus, Ohio. For more
information about Origins, visit

The nominees for the Origins Gamers’ Choice Awards are the same as
those nominated by members of the Academy of Adventure Gaming and
Design for the Annual Origins Awards. Unlike the main Origins Awards
group (which only Academy members nominate and select) anyone can
vote for the Origins Gamers’ Choice Award.

Specific inquiries not covered on the websites are directed to the
Academy Chair Assistant, Abby Whitford at: [email protected]

Play the Game!

Pete Panzeri
Chair, Academy of Adventure Gaming and Design
“Play Up! Play Up! and Play the Game!”
(Motto 50th Infantry from Vita Lampata by Sir Henry Newbolt)