Modern Browsers

I just got a note from a good friend who told me that he could barely read this website in his browser. He sent me a screenshot, and I could see why. It turns out he’s using Internet Explorer 5.x for the Mac. As I wrote back to him, this site, like many others, doesn’t resolve well in older browsers. If you’re using an older browser (like IE 5, which is the last version Microsoft made for the Mac before abandoning it), I recommend upgrading to the latest version.

At the least, check out the cool and free Firefox. It handles modern web standards like CSS, XHTML, and lots of other acronyms you don’t care much about but which make all the pages look much better. Plus it’s much more secure. And it has tabbed windows. In short, it rocks. I alternate between it and Safari (which is just as good) on my Mac.

I’m thinking about putting up an alternate style sheet that works better with older browsers too. Is there a demand for that out there? Would it help you? Sound off!