Human Head’s Secret: Prey

The cat’s officially out of the bag, so now I can finally talk about Human Head Studios‘ top-secret video game: Prey. For those of you who have been playing PC games forever, you might remember that 3DRealms, the makers of Duke Nukem, promised to come out with one particular game before Duke Nukem Forever. That game was Prey.

Human Head has been working on the game under 3DRealms wing for years, and it’s finally coming to light. has a great interview about Prey on their site, with lots more details, if you’re curious.

When I worked in the Human Head offices, I had the privilege of watching Prey develop and to playtest a few of the levels. This game is amazing. If you’re a first-person shooter or science fiction fan (or, better yet, both), you’re going to want this bad. It uses the Doom 3 engine, so it’s gorgeous, but the gameplay is fantastic too. Time to think about upgrading systems.