Character for a Cause

On eBay, Loren Coleman is auctioning off the right to become a character in an upcoming BattleTech or Mechwarrior novel. All proceeds go to the American Stroke Association, through the efforts of Loren and his wife Heather.

Loren’s also writing the first trilogy in the upcoming line of Age of Conan novels I’m editing for Conan Properties and Ace Books. As I started up on the job (I began with his second book; Jeff Conner worked on the first), Loren noted that I had developed his first large writing product ever: Chronomancer for TSR. He’d actually written it for Mayfair Games‘ Role Aids line of licensed D&D products, but when TSR bought the line the book went to them too. While it’s long out of print, you can still buy a PDF version from

Anyhow, if you’d like to be written into the BattleTech universe, here’s your chance, and it’s all for a great cause.