Back from LA, with Pit Stop in Hyboria

I just got back on Wednesday morning from a quick trip to Los Angeles. I can’t talk about the main reason for the trip quite yet, but it should be good for some mass-market game news sometime in the near future.

While I was there, I had dinner with Fred, Thommy, and Jay from Conan Properties. We chatted about lots of things, including the new series of Conan novels I’m editing for them. The first one (Blood of Wolves by Loren Coleman) is due out in June from Ace Books (a division of Penguin). There’s a new website for the books up right now.

We ate at the most amazing restaurant: Encounter. If you’ve ever been to LAX, you’ve probably seen the landmark crossed, white arches huddled below the air traffic control tower. Like most people, I figured funky building under those arches was an older air traffic tower that had long since been outgrown. Instead, it’s a kitschy restaurant that’s seems like Gene Rodenberry might have designed it in the late ’60s. If you hit the place’s website, it plays the same music you hear in the elevator on your way up to the tower’s restaurant floor. Very cool, and the food rocks too.