Not Dead Yet

Wow. It’s been 30 days since I posted anything here. Let me catch you up a bit on what’s been going on.

First, the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas was great. I ran the freelancers’ seminar track, and while we didn’t have too many people show up (it’s a retailer show, after all), those that did got as much information as they could stomach since they had the panel’s full attention. While at the show, a number of possible gigs floated my way. There’s nothing I can talk about yet, but that collectible card game I mysteriously mentioned earlier in the year got greenlit and should be on shelves before Christmas. Best of all, I got to hang out with lots of good friends. A special thanks to Ken Hite, Christian Moore, Owen Seyler, Jonni Emrich, and Peter Adkison for showing me a great time many nights running.

Since I came back, I’ve been running on all barrels, trying to finish off The Road to Death. This is the sequel to Marked for Death, the first in my Eberron trilogy, which Wizards of the Coast published last month. I finished the first draft before midnight last night, and I think I’ll need a new keyboard, as the old one may have melted from the friction of typing so fast.

I also poked my nose in at Nexus last weekend, the gaming convention held here in my hometown on the Beloit College campus. The people there were great, and they treated me like royalty. Include that it’s less than two miles from my house, and you can’t beat it.

More soon. Right now, I’m running off to Odyssey Con, a science-fiction/fantasy/gaming/film convention in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. You can catch me in some afternoon panels there, when I’m not hanging out with Ken Hite (again) and John Kovalic.