15 Years and Going Strong!

Fifteen years ago yesterday, I returned from England to be with my girlfriend (who is now my wife and the mother of our five kids). I had been working as a game designer/editor at Games Workshop, and my student work visa was about to expire. I decided to leave a little early to get back to my girlfriend and start our life together in earnest.

It’s a heck of a story, one that details what set me on my current path through life, both personally and professionally. I had hoped to write the whole thing down and post it today, but events conspired against me. Some of you have heard snippets of this from me at conventions, but you probably haven’t gotten it all in one piece. I aim to correct that before too long.

Meanwhile, let’s just say I love my wife, my kids, and my job, and I’m grateful how all those choices I made 15 years ago turned out.