Godsend Agenda Shipping

The brand-new, hardcover, d6 edition of Jerry Grayson’s Godsend Agenda roleplaying game is shipping to stores now. The game features an intricate backstory that weaves aliens, gods, and superheroes together into an epic story that spans millennia. (Those of you who remember the secret backstory behind my Brave New World RPG probably won’t wonder why this kind of thing pushes my buttons. If you don’t know about that, do a search on “Brave New World” on this site for all the details.)

Jerry asked me and a few other adventure game designers to give him a short take on how we’d each run a Godsend Agenda campaign, and I happily chipped in. It’s only a tiny fraction of the whole of course. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole book as much as anyone—except Jerry, of course.