Origins Awards Are Go!

Last summer, after the last GAMA elections, the new board hired me to lead a task force charged with reworking the Origins Awards. That job’s now done. As with most things where you get lots of different inputs and try to forge a consensus, I don’t think it’s perfect for anyone. Hopefully, though, most people will be happy with the results.

If you’re a game designer, you can sign up with the Academy (which runs the Origins Awards) for free now. If you want to support the Academy’s efforts, you can buy a supporting membership for $30. This also gets you a free badge to Origins, good seats at the award ceremony, and entrance to the post-awards party. (I got mine right away.)

If you created or published a gaming product in the last year, the Academy website is now open for submissions. The deadline is February 7, so be sure to get yours in now. Good luck!