Happy New Year!

Whew! We’re only five days into 2005, and it already seems like it’s flying by. I managed to complete the outlines for my next four novels (which is staggering to think about), and now I’m waiting to hear back from Wizards about the outline for my next Eberron book so I can get to actually writing it. I’m looking forward to getting back to that world after messing around in Blood Bowl for a while. I love both worlds, but they have very different tones, which helps to keep me fresh. I also managed to knock out a quick article for the next issue of Games Quarterly Magazine about Patch Products, a local (and very successful) family game company here in Beloit, WI.

In the meantime, I’m polishing the first couple chapters of a book about my kids and sending it off to an agent who’s expressed some interest. I also hope to squeeze in a proposal for cool new kind of collectable game to a major publisher this week.

Anyhow, I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that 2005 for you is your best year yet.