Holiday Update

I finished the first draft of my Blood Bowl novel yesterday, just in time to take a few days off for Christmas. Whew!

Next up, I’m revising my outline for the second book in my Eberron trilogy. Then I’ll revise the outlines for my next two books in the Knights of the Silver Dragon series. After that, it’s the outline for the next Blood Bowl book, which is to be a trilogy too. I’ll squeeze my next article for Games Quarterly Magazine in there somewhere as well. Soon after the start of the year, it’s headlong into writing the second Eberron book.

It looks like 2005 is shaping up well. It should see two of the Eberron novels and at least one Blood Bowl novel see print, plus a few other things I’m working on, although it’s too early to say about those yet.

I’d like to thank everyone out there for your support in 2004. It was as crazy a year as ever, but having wonderful friends and family around me every step of the way meant it was a more fun kind of frenzy. I’m looking forward to sharing 2005 with you all too and having more fun than ever.