Comments Working

I built around Movable Type, a great blogging and content management tool. Like many bloggers, however, spambots inundated my pages with comment spam. I recently upgraded to Movable Type 3.1 so I could implement its new antispam tools. This includes a commenter registration service designed to put a stop to spambots and the like.

I had a few issues surrounding the upgrade, but I’ve worked through them all now. I’m currently blocking comments from anyone not registered with TypeKey. This is a free service that lets you register for commenting on any TypeKey-based blog (like many Movable Type installations) all at once.

The upshot: To comment on posts here, you now need to register with TypeKey. If you do this once, you should be set forever. If you don’t care to bother with it, you can still e-mail me personally. I’ll be the only one able to see your erudite and pointed commentary, but I’m comfortable with that if you are.