New Novel: Blood Bowl

I’m currently hard at work on my next novel, a book for Games Workshop‘s novels and comics division, The Black Library. It’s based on Blood Bowl, GW’s game of fantasy football, in which orcs, dwarves, elves, skaven (rat-people), undead, and even humans violently spar for supremacy on the blood-spattered pitch. It’s an explosive and hilarious mix of fantasy and sports.

I worked on a Blood Bowl supplement (the Blood Bowl Companion) back in 1990, as my first freelance gig after finishing up a six-month student work visa in the Games Workshop Design Studio in Nottingham, England. I’ve kept in touch with many of my friends from GW over the years, and I even did a bit of editing for the Black Library a couple years back, just to keep my hand in.

Blood Bowl is one of my favorite games. The background is just over-the-top great, and it blends two of my great passions (fantasy literature and football) with a flair that hits you like an ogre linebacker. The plan is for this book to be the first in a trilogy. Expect to see it on store shelves next summer.