Free(lance) Again!

As of October 1, I left Human Head Studios and returned once again to being a full-time freelancer. I had a great time working with the fine folks at Human Head. While I’ll miss them, I won’t miss the hour-long commute to Madison at all. My own office is less than five minutes away in a raging snowstorm.

I have lots of work lined up already. My first novel (Secret of the Spiritkeeper from Wizards of the Coast) came out in August, and I have six others already contracted, with more on the horizon. I’m also working on some collectible card game and roleplaying game material in between the books. Still, the freelancer’s lot is to always be looking past the horizon for bigger and better gigs. If you know of any you think would fit well, don’t be shy about letting me know.

For some more details, I’ll let the great guys at tell you all about it. Just click here for their article on my departure and my replacement at Human Head.