Successful Signing

The signing at Turtle Creek, the Beloit College Bookstore was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to offer their support. It was truly touching.

The store sold nearly 60 copies of Secret of the Spiritkeeper, as well as a few copies of The Fellowship of the Ring Sourcebook and The Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook that they had on hand. Trudy, the wonderful store manager, told me it was the best day they’d ever had for a local author. She’d never had to worry about selling out of books before. As it was, there were about a dozen left at the end of the day, which I happily signed for their shelves.

My wife Ann showed up with all the kids to surprise me, just as the signing wound down. The kids all went crazy racing around the store, but fortunately many members of our extended family (including my sister Jody and new husband Nanni, who stopped off just before returning to their home in Italy) were around to corral them. The whole crew ended up at Bagels & More, a local coffee shop, for lunch, which was a great way to cap the event.

Later that day, I ended up at the grand opening of Beloit’s brand-new games store: Ray’s Games & Hobbies. It’s located right downtown on State Street, between Grand and Broad Avenues. It’s a neat store, well stocked with all sorts of games, models, and such. They were playing the newest edition of Warhammer 40,000 when I showed up, and Ray’s wife Lydia asked me to sign her copy of Secret of the Spiritkeeper, which she’d picked up at the bookstore after I’d finished my two-hour stint.

Thanks again to everyone for your support. I’m considering asking about signings at other bookstores around the area, but I’m sure that none of them would ever measure up to this!